FOSS4G-CEE & Geoinformatics 2012 Announcement

17.12.2011 – 11:42 pm

FOSS4G-CEE & Geoinformatics is an international conference addressing geospatial technologies developed by or relevant to the Open Source community in Central and Eastern Europe. It will be held from 21sttill 23rd May 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The conference should bring the spirit of global FOSS4G event to our region. This year, it will be connected with traditional Geoinformatics FCE CTU conference, which will cover the academic section of FOSS4G-CEE.

Important dates:

  • 1.1.2012 Call for papers & workshops
  • 1.2.2012 Workshop submission deadline
  • 1.3.2012 Papers submission deadline
  • 15.2.2012 Confirmation of accepted workshops
  • 15.3.2012 Confirmation of accepted papers
  • 1.4.2012 Early bird registration deadline

For more information including the registration and submission of your contribution, please visit the conference website:

Take the opportunity of FOSS4G-CEE to network with geospatial fellows, renewing old acquaintances and making new ones. Hope to see you there!

About FOSS4G-CEE & Geoinformatics 2012

FOSS4G-CEE & Geoinformatics 2012 is the first local conference focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial in Central and Eastern Europe. This year, it is connected together with traditional Geoinformatics FCE CTU.

The conference is intended to move it’s location over the region every year. It should be similar to the global FOSS4G conference, with focus on local regional issues.

About FOSS4G

FOSS4G is “the global conference” focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial, organized by OSGeo. At FOSS4G you can meet all kind of actors: Free Software developers and any kind of representatives from companies, institutions and the academic world.

About Geoinformatics FCE CTU

Geoinformatics FCE CTU is the international conference which is organized by Department of Mapping and Cartography, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. The conference is focused on the relevance of Free and Open Source Software in Geoinformatics concerning wide range of topics. Geoinformatics FCE CTU is the event with a fruitful history, organized since 2006.
FOSS4G Organizing Committee


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