Unit tests for JavaScript? Fireunit!

5.07.2010 – 7:12 pm

Unit tests do not solve all your problems and sometimes, you can simply not use them (or in very difficult way, e.g. when you are designing GUI). But they are suitable, if used properly. For JavaScript, this was a bit problem.

Several unit tests suits are out there, you can see a nice list on JavaScript Assertation unit framework, which was both – easy to be installed and easy-to-be used, and JavaScript-only (nor server-side needed). OpenLayers is using test anotherway suit, but after that, Fireunit caught my eye.

If you have Firebug installed (which is assumed), just install other plugin – Fireunit. The project seems to be pretty new, but yet usable. You can follow some examples, which can be found – it is as easy as possible.

This will give you unit tests, integrated to the browser – no server-side installation, works everywhere any time, no configuration – just works out of the box. Too nice to be truth, but yet seems to be, by now.

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