14.03.2010 – 2:38 pm

Well, I gave it a try and installed Kubuntu recelntly on my new working notebook. I can say, that I liked the integration of all applications. Namely kontact was nice example, having everything under hood (mail, calendar, working time, tasks AND RSS), kopete integrated everything INCLUDING skype.

There were several thinks, which did not work, but I could live with them (network manager for example). But by the time, the general look’n’feel of the whole environment was not the one, I would expect. And overall, the general integration was not that perfect, as it seemed to be at the beginning. Kopete does not support IRC for example, I like GNOME virtual file system, which makes it possible for me to brows any remote server sytem in a seem less way, as well as for example nokia phone connected through bluetooth. If I edit something with Gvim on remote server and save it (without closing the window, so “:w”, but not “:wq”), it is saved on the server immidietly – something like this is not supported in KDE.

I switched after some months back to Gnome, just to give it a try, and I have to say, that it suits me better, then KDE. I can not tell, if one of the environment is better than the other. The only conclusion from this unuseful blog is, that if you are not sure, give them both a try, because of they are on about the same level. None of them is much better than the other and both of them are usable – I tryed KDE for several months now, developping command line applications as well as web applications.

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