Revitalising UbuntuGIS

22.12.2008 – 7:29 pm

Ubuntu GIS is project, which was most active year or two ago. It happened, that most of the team members left and now, GIS Packages in Ubuntu are far from ,,hot“.

Recently, new UbuntuGIS mailing list was created. More people were asking, how they could help. We hope, that in the next year, things will move forward.

My idea is, that we should provide stable and well-proofed versions of GIS software, but also the most fresh versions of all packages for current distributions. I hope, we will merge QGIS, GRASS GIS and other repositories in one place.

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  2. This is interesting; there are actually several live dvd based projects around. There is a mailing list for them over at somewhere if you are interested in joining forces. My understanding is several projects are sharing the work of making up packages etc for the projections you mention.

    Here is a link to the wiki:

    I have also been contacted by this group here and I think they are starting to interact with the osgeo effort.

    By Jody Garnett on Dec 23, 2008

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