PyWPS 3.0.0

7.11.2008 – 9:35 am

It took us more then one and half year, but finally, it is here: PyWPS 3.0.0 with support for WPS 1.0.0. The code structure has been completely rewritten. We use python-htmltml templating system now. You can setup several environment variables and so, you can configure many WPS servers from only one PyWPS installation. There are also new examples of processes and configuration hints.

Speaking about configuration, the old, pythonish configuration files have been replaced with standard text file configuration system. Several bugs were fixed from previous concept (like using shell while commands were invoked). Also, there is basic support for process internationalization and so on. I hope, this version is more robust than the previous one. The code structure is also much more cleaner.

What is still missing, is basic SOAP support – but the SOAP interface, proposed in WPS 1.0.0 is something very strange. I also did not manage to write some new OpenLayers client. The old one would not work with this WPS version. However, currently, I’m involved with our new OpenLayers-Ext map client. In last weeks, I was working on printing module (works nice, if you are asking me). But this has nothing to do with PyWPS.

So new PyWPS is out and I hope, this version will stay with us longer, then all previous did.

Enjoy your GISing!

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  1. 2 Responses to “PyWPS 3.0.0”

  2. Congrats! It looks very interesting. Is it possible to see working implementation of it somewhere?

    By sim on Nov 8, 2008

  3. Hi. If you are looking after some nice web page with WPS client, there is currently no, I would know about.

    There is one server installation I know:

    Maybe ask in the mailing list

    By jachym on Nov 9, 2008

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