GRASS 6.3 for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10

31.10.2008 – 1:36 pm
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  2. Hi Jachym!
    Are you planning to add also 64bit packages like the old releases?

    Thank you very much


    By Luca on Nov 8, 2008

  3. Hi Jachym,
    any plan to add 64bit packages?

    Bye and thanks for your great work!

    By luca on Nov 8, 2008

  4. Sorry, not yet :-( If you make the packages, I can put them to the repository.

    By jachym on Nov 9, 2008

  5. Hey Jachym,

    I’m having trouble installing this with Intrepid, 32

    Unpacking grass (from …/grass_6.3.0-1_i386.deb) …
    Processing triggers for man-db …
    Setting up grass (6.3.0-1) …
    ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/local/lib/’: File exists
    dpkg: error processing grass (–configure):
    subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    By Tim on Nov 17, 2008

  6. Re: my previous post. Whilst it seems to install Grass 3 fine, and it seems to be working smoothly, any time Ubuntu does an upgrade, it chucks out this same error.

    By Tim on Nov 17, 2008

  7. Hi,
    this is strange. Could you post, what does

    ls -lh /usr/local/lib/

    tell to you?

    Anyway, if you run

    apt-get -f install

    everything should be fixed – grass will be probably removed.

    Then try to reinstall GRASS

    By jachym on Nov 18, 2008

  8. Hi Jachym,

    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 64 2008-07-26 18:11 /usr/local/lib/ -> /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/wx-2.8-gtk2-unicode/wx/

    sudo apt-get -f install
    gives the same error

    I have force uninstalled Grass and then re installed it, but same error.

    By Tim on Nov 18, 2008

  9. OK, brutalforce-quickfix:

    sudo unlink /usr/local/lib/

    apt-get install –reinstall grass

    would it help?

    By jachym on Nov 18, 2008

  10. Yep, this worked, installed the newer deb from the repos. grass_6.3.0-lesejk2_i386.deb

    Many thanks!!

    By Tim on Nov 18, 2008

  11. Hello,
    I am using Intrepid, and trying to install GRASS 6.3. I try to get the public key using your instructions:

    sudo wget -q -O – | sudo apt-key add –

    And get the following error:
    gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.

    I am a relative linux newbie, so any advice would be appreciated.
    Corey Sparks

    By Corey on Nov 21, 2008

  12. Hi, Since I’m debian-packager newbie as well, this seems not to be the right aproach. I’ll find out, how it should work in the future.


    By jachym on Nov 21, 2008

  13. Hi,
    Jachym, as writed by Corey, your public pgp key is not available on server (err 404).
    version grass_6.3.0-lesejk2_i386 run all ok on kubuntu intrepid.
    Great job. Thanks.

    By syltao on Nov 22, 2008

  14. Oh, guys, I’m idiot. Sorry. It disappeared from the server somehow and I did not noticed. Anyway, the key is now located at I hope, it will work now.

    By jachym on Nov 22, 2008

  15. Hi all, I have found the above posts helpful when trying to install grass6.3.0 on Ubuntu 8.10 . However, I seem to have two additional problems 1) part ofthe GRASS gui seems to freeze whenever I start grass and I cannot get rid of it in any way 2) in one above posts somebody stated that GRASS should work even there is a problem with the GUI. Well, I get an error message whenever I try to use The message says “segmentation fault”. Am I am doing something wrong? I have tried to reinstall GRASS several times, but I do not know what I am doing wrong!

    thanks in advance for your help!


    By Marco Girardello on Jan 3, 2009

  16. Hi,

    1) is it the tcl/tk gui or new wxGui ? did you try to start grass as ‘grass63 -text’ ?

    2) the gdal package in ubuntu 8.10 seems to be broken, I did not find any fix for it yet (see for details)

    By admin on Jan 5, 2009

  17. Thanks for the suggestions! I have solved problem 1) but I still cannot work how to solve problem 2). Any way around it?


    By Marco Girardello on Jan 8, 2009

  18. Hi,

    1) Well, I can start grass on -text but when I start the gui the same problem occurs (a part of the initial banner freezes). I can work with the text only, but sometimes it is confortable to have the gui as well. Is there a solution for this already?

    Thanks for your help


    By miguel on Jan 15, 2009

  19. Hi, which gui? The wx-python one or the Tcl/Tk one? Does it really write nothing in the terminal, when you atempt to start the gui? No error message?

    By admin on Jan 15, 2009

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