Thuban 1.2.1

3.02.2008 – 8:14 am

Thuban 1.2.1 is released. I prepared some packages (available via Les-ejk’s repository).

Thuban is an Interactive Geographic Data Viewer with support for OGR and GDAL files. With Thuban it is also possible to prepare and edit MapServer mapfiles.

What I’m personally missing is support for WMS and other OGC standards. However, with gdal 1.5.0, this should be more easier to implement.

I have also some difficulties with OGR files, as well as some shapefiles. IMHO Thuban could be great project, which could be competing with QGIS. However, as usual, Thuban lacks for developers. So, if you are Python programmer and do not like GRASS GIS, or if you need just simple viewer, try Thuban.

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