PyWPS and OpenLayers

20.09.2007 – 8:18 am

This days, I’m playing around with OpenLayers. It is great map client, which can be used to display any type of web-distributed data, including WMS, WFS, MapServer, KML, Google or Yahoo maps, TileCache and many many others. Vector data are displayed using SVG, there is support for vector editing. There is great documentation and tons of examples. You should have a look to individual developer sandboxes, to see, what will happen in new release.

I tried to add basic support for WPS to OpenLayers. It looks IMHO usable and so you can try out the buffer (or even addvalue) process, which is shipped together with PyWPS. This makes OpenLayers to full-featured GIS, which is running in your web browser :-)

  1. Edit some features (draw line)
  2. Unminimize WPS form
  3. Set Server and “Get Capabilities”
  4. Select process (e.g. Buffer)
  5. Set layer (Editable) and buffer width (degrees)
  6. Click on the “Execute” button

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  1. 2 Responses to “PyWPS and OpenLayers”

  2. Excellent GIS alternatives with Python!!!

    Thank you very much

    By SamTux on Oct 4, 2007

  3. Hi,

    Where can i find a html example of openlayers with pyWPS ?

    By obstetar on Oct 13, 2009

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