GIS Packages for Ubuntu 7.04

26.05.2007 – 6:49 pm

Today, i made the last set of GIS packages for Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn).

There are

Packages are available for both, i386 and amd64 platforms.

Please, let me know, if something does not work.

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  1. 5 Responses to “GIS Packages for Ubuntu 7.04”

  2. Hi,

    I was able to install GRASS with no problem.
    I’d like to install mapserver but I can’t figure out how to that…
    I’m quite new to Ubuntu.
    When I try to install mapserver I get an error with libgdak1c2a (depency not satisfied…??). Can you please post instructions on how to install MapServer on Ubuntu Feisty correct ? Thanks !

    By De Vriendt Steven on May 29, 2007

  3. The deb http://www.les..ecc..ecc.. feisty multiverse doesn’t work. with apt-get update it says: “Impossibile ottenere Il sottoprocesso gzip ha ritornato un codice d’errore (1)”

    By emanuel on May 29, 2007

  4. #1: Hi, I do not know, what kind of package “libgdak1c2a” is supposed to be. You have to install mapserver via “apt-get install ….” command, if you try to do it with “dpkg -i”. You have to anable “multiverse” and “universe” repositories in your Ubuntu configuration. You have to post complete error message otherwice.

    By Jachym on Jun 1, 2007

  5. #2: try this:
    wget -O – |gunzip
    you should get list of packages. Are you sure, gunzip is available in your system?

    By Jachym on Jun 1, 2007

  6. Hi Jachym.
    I install grass in a ubuntu feisty platform, but
    nviz start to run, but it stops an freezes. What am I doing wrong? All other functions in GRASS works fine.

    By Kenneth Cabrera on Jul 3, 2007

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