Offline status

21.04.2007 – 9:48 am

From this weekend till 15.5.2007 I’ll be offline. Do not take this personaly, if you write me an e-mail and the responce will take longer.

Od tohoto víkendu jsem do 15.5.2007 mimo internet. Neberte si to osobně, pokud mi napíšete e-mail a já vám nepošlu odpověď příliš rychle.

P.S. Packages for new Ubuntu will be ready during next month.

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  2. Dear Jachym,

    Pretty pretty your Job, I am José the guy from Colombia. I met you in Lausanne, pretty experience with the dormitories there, what a bunker!. I make some scripts and maybe a program too for GRASS6.x, your job is a very beautiful reference and help for me. I will try later to organize a OPEN-GIS meeting in Colombia and sure that i will invite you.



    By JOSE LUBIN TORRES on May 14, 2007

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