22.03.2007 – 5:24 pm

GRASS has a module for OGC WMS longer time. Originally written by Sören was the first. Then I came and scripted first general version and than Cedric Shock came and scripted two or three scripts together, which replaced old code and made it more complex.

Personally, I did not like this new version, because it was a huge beast and nobody was really able to follow it’s logic. I knew, with some suitable programming language, like for example Python, this would be pretty easy.

Today, I finished first Python version of It is not that complex, es the shell version in current GRASS is, but it works and the output from error messages and GetCapabilities request looks just nice. For some users, this introduces new dependency (Python and XML package), but since the new GRASS GUI will be written in Python now, it should be not that painful.

I posted the script on GRASS Addons site as well as into my programs section. Any feedback will be welcome.

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  1. 2 Responses to “New”

  2. Did you consider using OWSLib?

    By Sean Gillies on Mar 22, 2007

  3. #1: Hi Sean, no I did not know about it (but I could guess, I’m reinventing wheel again). This looks cool. Maybe in next version, I’ll use it.

    We are also working on new GRASS GUI using the wxPython package. I would like to add support for WMS too, (so GRASS would became more a GIS viewer too). This will make live much easier, thanks.

    By Jachym on Mar 23, 2007

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