13.11.2006 – 6:35 pm
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  2. Hi,

    I would like to try your modules r.fragstats and v.trees3d, but the links for the download are both broken.

    The error is
    404 Not Found
    Požadovaná strana nebyla nalezena.

    Can you please fix the link or email me the tarball?
    Thanks a lot in advance

    Clara Tattoni
    Trento, Italy

    By Clara Tattoni on Nov 22, 2006

  3. The links should be correct now. Thank you.

    By Jachym on Nov 22, 2006

  4. Hei Jachym,
    I hope I do not bother you with nonsense beginner’s question.. but I wonder something..I recently upgrade my grass gis using the source list method as you describe it to GRASS 6.4.0RC5… but now when try to open it just got the following messages before the entire GRASS GIS crashes: Error setting regions child killed SIGABRT.
    After it crashes I can only use GRASS GIS in the Shell.
    I am running in Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04

    Best regards

    By Rengifo on Sep 27, 2009

  5. The link to the r.bilateral tarball isn’t working. Can you update?

    By James on Jun 22, 2011

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